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Start Up at the USA, England and Singapure

  • Assist Foreign Business to set up a US based company.
  • Assist the company with Jurisdiction compliance regulations
  • In order for US organization to run a smooth and successful operation in the United States and fully comply with local laws, the attorneys have advised to file for L petition and L1 visas. The L visa permits foreign organizations to transfer employees to the U.S. for performing services.
  • To obtain the L petition the following list of requirements have been identified by the attorneys:
  • A detailed description of the job duties which the applicant will perform in the U.S.;
  • The duration of the applicant’s assignment in the U.S.;
  • A summary of the Salary and Benefits which will be afforded to the applicant while in the U.S. (This can usually be satisfied with a copy of an offer letter.);
  • A listing of all locations in the U.S. where the applicant will perform services on behalf of the Company;
  • Five Copies of the parent company’s latest Annual Report or most recent Audited Financial Statement;
  • Five Copies of any Promotional Brochures;
  • Company Personnel Chart showing the Applicant's proposed position in the United States;
  • U.S. Company Letterhead (approximately 25 sheets of first and second page);
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation;

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Copy of By-laws

  • Copies of Stock Certificates;
  • Copy of Certificate of Qualification;
  • Copy of Lease;
  • Copies of invoices sent to clients (as proof of sales);
  • Business Plan;
  • U.S. Company's IRS Employer ID Number; and
  • Full name and title of the person signing on behalf of the U.S. Company

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We Manage Your Organizations

IKG can assist your organization to setup a fully staffed U.S. operation. This will prevent rotating staff on business visas and also comply with immigration requirements. One of the basic requirement to file for L petition is to have a fully functional operation in US for minimum of one year.

  • Locating office space
  • Manage rental/lease property
  • Copy of Lease;
  • Manage monthly running expense
  • Business Plan;
  • Recruit local staff: administrative/technical/management
  • Manage payroll
  • Assist developing the Employee Handbook to assure abide by the Labor Laws and

Employees are aware of the Company policies. Employee handbook is essential to protect the organization/employer, assuring the employee is responsible for his/her conduct.

  • Employee Handbook orientation with the New hire.
  • Import/Export Assistance
  • Any other support requirements.

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