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Tendar Partners is a family owned company that was created to simplify global deal-making in the healthcare industry. With expertise in global business strategy, business management, and marketing, the company was created to connect buyers and sellers of global products.


Empower importers and exporters through seamless transactions that are safe and benefit both parties.


To lead with your best interests in mind by leveraging a proprietary ethics and integrity model to match top quality buyers and suppliers worldwide.


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Global expansion is intimidating, especially when the international business landscape is constantly changing.

Our people-first approach to global expansion helps you manage an international workforce by offering support that goes beyond only answering questions when challenges arise. We are fast, strategic, and reliable experts who always support your people, and truly understand you, your business, and your long-term goals.

It’s more than just a solution that helps you reach your international business goals. It’s global expansion that puts your people first.

Tendar Partners, LLC.

Consultancy Services

For businesses in need of guidance or who simply need to know where to begin, we offer virtual export-import consulting services.

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Export-Import Services

By connecting buyers with domestic and international suppliers, we enable successful business transactions.

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Other Services

You can contact us and ask for our other services.

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